Remember a few months back when I mentioned how Ithe track season had started? Well, it’s almost over. Sorry I’ve been such a horrible blogger … I probably should’ve kept you guys updated about my meets and such. Oops! Either way, tomorrow we have our District meet. In each event you have to place in the top 4 to go on to the state meet which is next weekend. At Sub-districts last Friday, I was able to move onto Districts in all three of my events. That means that tomorrow I’m going to “triple.” For you less track-term inclined, that means I’m going to run the 3200m, 1600m, and 800m. In simpler terms, the 2 mile, 1 mile, and half-mile.  The three combine to make a long day and tired Gabby.

With so many races to run and the excitement of the season coming to an end, I should be more excited sounding, right? I should want to race tomorrow? That’s where I’m confused and the questions start to pile up. Of course they’re all ones that I don’t know the answer to …  Tomorrow is the most important meet all season, but why am I not freaked out? Why am I not excited, nervous, stressed, or even thinking about the meet? Is it because I just don’t care anymore? Do I not want to compete and try to secure another district title? How will I feel tomorrow when I line up at the starting line and the gun goes off? What can I eat that won’t hurt my stomach? Will my sinuses be really bad like they’ve been the past few days? Will my legs be tired still? Will it be windy at the meet and will I be able to fight it to run a good time? Do I even care what time I run? Who is my main competition and how are they feeling? Will it be really hot so that I get dehydrated quickly and need to drink more water during the day? Will I be able to run even splits and PR? Will I run my worst times this season like what happened last week?


So many questions and not enough answers. I’m going into tomorrow however I feel. No certain goals except to defend my district title. Hopefully, that is. I haven’t thought about the meet days ahead of time and planned out my splits and time goals like usual. I figured that with so many questions, it’s something you just have to let happen and go along for the ride. It’s been a long few months full of busy schedules, little sleep, and tough workouts and yet I know that no matter how much I try an better myself, that all my hours of training and hard work come down to tomorrow’s races. My only other question is, will I be ready? Wish me luck.


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Snapshot of my future: part 1.

Do you ever wonder what your future is going to be like? What job you’re going to have, how many kids, or where you’re going to live? I do sometimes, but my grandpa sure does. And not his own future, or what he wished he had done earlier in life, but planning out my life. Instead of my plans to make it into my dream college (Brown University), go to Medical School, and later become a criminal psychiatrist, my grandpa came up with a plan that somewhat follows my original plan and yet adds in some exciting events. Sitting around enjoying the beautiful afternoon we came up with this plan which ended up turning into a short story. My grandpa’s encouraging, supportive, and carefully thought-out life plan for his youngest granddaughter? Yeah, not quite as supportive and encouraging as you might think. Instead if writing out the whole story, I’ll be splitting it into pieces. Now lets fast forward to a time a few years from now as my life unfolds according to my family’s creative minds. Enjoy.
*Disclaimer: All of this is completely made up and totally fictional. Just a funny short story!

My mom and I once talked of my friends in highschool being “blinded by love.” I never understood what this really meant until my junior year of college. I was minding my own and finishing up a lab when there was a commotion in the back of the room. People around me were laughing as they pointed and made faces at what was going on behind me. I finished what I was writing and turned around on my stool only to find a bunch of guys at the back lab table analyzing their nose hairs beneath microscopes. How mature, right? College boys. They’re no better than highschoolers. Class came to an end and the guys from the back of the class left in a group, still laughing about their nasal discoveries. Little did I know that one of them would end up being my future husband/dependent … More to come. :-)

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Let the countdowns begin!

Happy Sunday! It was a beautiful day in Washington today, and by that I don’t just mean that we didn’t get any rain … It was actually sunny. And above 50 at that! Blue skies with temperatures in the 60s, perfect day to get outside and enjoy the weather. Also a great day to relax and prepare for the upcoming week. I have a couple really important things going on over the next few weeks. And after that? Oh man. It’s time to start a countdown for all of the super exciting, fun, and long-awaited things coming up this summer. Some of them are running related and others not so much, but hey! I’ve never worried about letting non-running related things slip into my blog posts before so why start now? ;-) First though, a short re-cap of last week …

What can I say? Prom is exciting.

Last Saturday I went to Prom with one of my good friends and we had a blast! We went to Outback with a small group, killed time walking around and taking pictures in a photobooth at the mall, and also wrote on our friend’s car with window markers as a joke. Overall, it was a fun night and I’m glad I went. On Friday I passed my written and driver final for Drivers’ Ed! My DOL final is scheduled to be in another 2 weeks. Can’t wait to be a licensed driver! Not to mention that I get to sleep in another hour now that class is over. Mmm, sleep. Sorry, but listening to a teacher lecture me before the school day even starts isn’t exactly at the top of my favorite things to do in the morning. Definitely since that certain teacher says “um” a lot. 98 times in one class period a lot. I also had two track meets last week on Thursday and Friday. Thursday I only ran the 800m and did alright, but was mainly focused on doing well at Friday’s meet. The meet on Friday was one of the bigger ones that our team goes to and I had plenty of good competition. After reading my last post about how frustrating running has been for me recently, I’m happy to say that I PR’d! Not rubbing it on or anything, but after 3 weeks of being stuck on a plateau … I will definitely take a 5 second PR. :-) Yesterday was my rest day from running even though it went so well the day before. Instead of heading out for my usual long run, I spent the day in Olympia running errands with my parents. It was a day full of wandering around waiting for my dad to try on suits, BBQ, and super-moon sightings.  Today I did some baking and made homemade Orange Scones. After that, I ventured outside and spent the afternoon running a nice (and sweaty!) 6 mile run along with mowing the lawn. I really don’t mind having to do yard work if it’s not raining and the lawnmower doesn’t get clogged with wet grass. Seriously. Washington weather sucks sometimes.

Ta-da! My life is so exciting that I just had to share. ;-) That’s what’s going on right now with my busy schedule and recently, but what I really wanted to share was what’s going to happen! Let the countdowns begin!

5 days: League meet in track! Or what some people call it, Sub-Districts. The top 6 in each event move onto districts and my coach is going to have my triple this Friday. For you non-track people out there, that means that I’m going to compete in the 3200m, 1600m, and 800m. Talk about a tiring meet!

12 days: District meet! As talked about above, you have to qualify for this meet and then the top 4 in each event move onto to state. Depending on how League goes, I will be racing two or three events at districts. Cross your fingers and toes for me to make it to state though! :-)

13 days: At 10:50 am I will take my DOL drive final in order to get my license. Ah!

The five of us girls who went to track state last year placed 4th. :-)

19 days: Washington State 1A Track & Field Championships … hopefully!

26 days: Prefontaine Classic in Eugene, Oregon! My coach and a few of my team mates are heading down the day before the meet starts and are going to watch the Kenyan’s 10,000m. June 2nd is the actual meet which takes place at Hayward Stadium and is where some of the best semi-pro and professional athletes compete every year. This will be my third year going … So excited!

1 month 19 days: Olympic Trials! I’m competing, no big deal. HAHA …. just kidding. For two days of the Trails, my mom and I are heading down again to Eugene to watch the kick-off to the Summer Games. Only the track part that is. Yet another chance to see world-class athletes compete! Too cool.

  2 months 1 day: White Pass Cross Country Camp! I went to this camp last year and it was an awesome experience even though I went alone from my team. This year I’m going with one of my team mates and can’t wait to spend the week with her! :-)

There’s a LOT more things that I’m excited for, but for your sake? These are the main things that I’m counting down the days until. Sure I also have a band concert, choir concert, last day of school, first day of Munga (I’ll explain later!), and a bunch of little things going on soon to look forward to, but I’m so busy those things just come and go before I have time to get excited for them. As the days tick away until summer training and having plenty of time to relax starts, I’ll still be blogging about my schedule and relieving some of my stress through writing about it. Sorry if my blogs haven’t been real creative or entertaining the past month or two … Maybe you should start a countdown too! One that counts down the days until I start summer so that you’ll be able to read exciting blogs that is. ;-)

Until next time,