Save our souls? Was I on another crashed cruise ship or lost on an island with only a volleyball for company? Sure, that would explain why I haven’t blogged in so long and seem to have fallen off the edge of the Earth, but luckily for me, that isn’t the case. I actually meant S.O.S as in Speaking Of Sushi. Sure, it may seem random, but give me some time to explain. Raw fish and rice wrapped in seaweed have more in common with a running blog than you would think. Even if the only connection is that I’m a runner and that I love sushi. Either way …

My dad and I's favorite!

My birthday is coming up in the next few weeks (a lady never shares her age!) and as my parents and I are leaving for vacation next weekend, I was surprised on Friday night witha surprise birthday dinner. I showed up with my parents at our favorite sushi restaurant only to be ushered to a large table in the back instead of our usual seats at the bar. When I saw the table, I was able to guess what was going on. My coach and his wife, along with eight of my good friends, were all there. Ah, I had no clue! Most of them had known about the dinner for the past week or two and had been able to keep it a secret from me the whole time. I was so surprised. Again, no clue whatsoever. The night was originally supposed to be my parents and I going out to dinner, but seeing as I was the only one following that plan, the night ended up with everyone having dinner then going to see The Hunger Games as we had reserved tickets. I’m not usually one for big group events since I like more one-on-one situations better, but after moving around the table a few times, I was able to talk to everyone that had come and express my amazement at their secrecy. Even though several of them do track and we had spent runs together and time at practice together everyday, none of them had let onto the plan at all. With my schedule as busy as it is, I’m not too surprised that I didn’t pick up on anything, but wow. I still can’t believe that they all pulled it off and came together to do that. Too cool. I love my family and friends. :-)

On another note, track has been off to a good start! I mentioned a little bit about our first meet, but since then we’ve had one more meet and yet another coming up this Wednesday. Only two of “my boys” were able to make it to the meet last week but, as expected, kicked some butt and found themselves to be in great shape for the beginning of the season. Of course they would never admit to that and instead say, “Oh, it went okay.” but now you really know! Our meet on Wednesday is on our home track and is a special relay meet. Instead of the individual races like usual, each race is co-ed and made up of four people. I’m running in the 4x800m, which my school has won the past two years! No pressure. I’m also running in the 4x1600m, and seeing that the group of distance runners we have is pretty good, and only one school might offer up some competition, it will be an interesting race! (I suppose now we don’t have a choice in losing to the other team as this probably counts as a little bit of smack-talk … Oh well. Bring it on!) The last race, which I might or might not be doing is the 4x400m. That one is a little bit on the line though, I’m not sure if I want to submit myself to yet another lap of horrible, non-ending, painful, sprinting. Not to complain or anything … ;-) The running events start at six p.m and usually last for an hour or two, making it so that the stadium lights will have to be turned on and the meet becomes somewhat of a twilight race. All in all, it should be a good day full of competition, defending titles, and hopefully some P.Rs (personal records).

Besides my surprise birthday dinner and running, not much else has happened in my life during my break from writing. I mentioned above about going on vacation next weekend, and to expand on that a little, my parents and I are going to Boston for a week. The plan is to spend a few days in Boston then drive and explore parts of Vermont, Connecticut, Maine, and wherever else. None of us have ever been to Boston so it will be quite the adventure! More so for me as I’ve never even been to the East Coast. I can’t wait! :-) Oh, and don’t worry, I will take plenty of pictures and be sure to brag about it in my posts when I get back. Kidding of course about the bragging part. Even though it’s my spring break, I will be sneaking down to the hotel gym to run and workout in the early hours before exploring the city. Hopefully the time change won’t mess me up too much. Other than my countdown to vacation, I am enjoying drivers’ ed and am halfway finished with the class and that much closer to getting my license. Can I get a “woohoo?” After being asked last week, I’m also going to prom next month with one of my friends, and will continue to blog as my life goes on and frusturating things arise that I feel the need to share. After such a long break from blogging, I have so many ideas I need to write about. No worries, I’ll be back soon with a Fuji in one hand, keyboard at the ready, and a mind full of running insight.

Until next time,


P.S: As part of my birthday suprise, my wonderful coach (and sometimes reader!) got me the best thing I could’ve ever asked for. If you’ve read my previous blog then you might already know. That’s right. I have one of my very own. My very own Camelbak water bottle.

It’s so much fun to drink from that after a whole day of using it, I counted that I filled it up six times. I love it. ♥


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