Welcome to the family.

My family gained another member! No, I didn’t just become an aunt (I’m an only child!), we didn’t get a new animal, and no one in my family was even married. By family, I mean my running family. And I don’t even mean my team mates … I mean my running shoe family. Yes, that’s right. I consider my shoes as a family. Who else knows me as well as them? They come along on every run, and are with me through every good and bad (and muddy!) moments. I usually switch between two pairs, but yesterday I retired my Brooks Adrenalines and welcomed these beauties. Say hello to the newest member of my running shoe family … One size 10 pair of Asics Gt 21-70, fresh outta the box.

New shoe smell. ♥

Not gonna lie … Posing the shoes to take a picture was a little strange, but I just had to show them off! After a day of walking around in them to break them in before taking them out for their first run (which will be tomorrow!) I got quite a few comments at school today about them. People were saying, “Oh, cute shoes!” where really … I just go with whatever shoe the South Sound she guy brings me and I like running the best. Thank you though! :-)

Besides getting new shoes on my long weekend off, I took time to find an awesome new music group, bake, and get together with friends who were visiting. Here’s a weekend recap, in pictures.

No, this is not Johnny Depp and his girlfriend. This is Joy Williams and John Paul White. If you like folk music with deep lyrics, beautiful acoustics along with the wonderful voices these two have check them out. They’re The Civil Wars. :-) I found out about them when I was watching the Grammys, which I recorded, and they have a 30 second performance which blew me away. After those 30 seconds, I just had to know who they were! Feel free to look them up after reading this … they are wonderful!

During the middle of last week I made homemade scones. In that doughy process, I remembered just how much I like to bake and went on to make chocolate-coconut no bakes Friday night and 2 loaves of Cranberry-Orange Nut Bread on Saturday morning. It came out super yummy, if not really tart because of the fresh cranberries! The loaves were pretty big so I dropped the second one-off at the local fire department while my dad was on shift as baked goods are always appreciated along with their morning coffee!  If you’d like the recipe, please let me know, I’m willing to share!

To round off my weekend, I met up with three gals from camp that I hadn’t seen since July. We all live a few hours from each other, but were able to plan a get together. We caught up over dinner then wreaked havoc in the local mall. We’re teenage girls … What else are we supposed to do? ;-)

I hope you all had a great three-day weekend and enjoy the rest of your week! If any of you are runners, what is your favorite part of getting new shoes? Do you feel like ou have enough running shoes to consider them a family? Haha let me know, I’m curious if I’m the only nut out there who gets somewhat attached to her shoes? :-)

Until next time,



14 thoughts on “Welcome to the family.

  1. New running shoes are the best! I also wear size 10 so if you stumble upon a Buy One Get One pair of awesome shoes deal, keep the Nebraska girl in mind. :) My favorite part of new shoes…the fresh motivation they always bring with them.

    • Haha I don’t come across buy one get one free deals very often … but will do! ;-) And I have to agree about shoes giving me new motivation! I always think to myself, “Now let’s kick up some dust!” or “Help carry me further!” Haha the biggest thing in my mind is the challenge of how long I can keep them clean. Not too easy with all the puddles and mud around where I run, but that’s part of the challenge!

  2. Hi Gabby! Thanks for stopping by my site. I’d love your cranberry orange nut bread recipe for my 52 bakes challenge if you wouldn’t mind – particularly as orange and cranberry juice is the daughter’s absolute favourite right now. Also, The Civil Wars = most awesome. Sophie x

    • No problem, I enjoyed your site, so thank you for stopping by mine as well. :-) I will email you the recipe, I figure it’s a bit long to put in a comment, haha! And also, glad I could find someone else who likes The Civil Wars, no one I know has heard of them. Such a shame … :-)

  3. I love new running shoes, as there is such a comfort of running!!! Don’t have family of shoes…yet ;)

    Love your blog and thanks for visiting my one:)!!!
    Are you planning to run full marathon this year?

    • Haha just wait, soon you will have running shoes piling up in your closet! :-)
      Thank you for commenting, I liked your blog too!
      And not yet! Actually, this summer I’m planning on running a half! I’m going to wait to do a full for another few years. :-)

    • Haha I’m pretty pumped about my shoes being purple! I’ve had the all-exciting grey, blue, and pink, but am pretty excited about the new bright color. :-) I like that they’re dark though, I don’t I could put up with neon yellow shoes … They’d show dirt too fast! Haha best of luck in your running as well! Thank you for stopping by my blog. :-)

    • I’m glad there’s other people who know about them too! I’m trying to get my friends to listen to them as well. Haha they are amazing … very talented. :-)
      By the way, thank you for stopping by my blog!

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