Just relaaaaaaaaax.

Phew! It’s been a busy week! This is the first time all week that I’ve had time to blog … and man have I’ve missed writing! Sure writing papers and drowning in a sea of homework may be better than … actually, nevermind … I can’t even think of anything that would be worse than what my past week has been like! The past 96 hours have gone a little something like this …

I'm sad too. Seattle gets an average of 37.1 inches of rain per year and has an average of 201 cloudy days. ):

Monday – After an eventful weekend of racing (I ran a 5K Saturday morning), Superbowl parties, and new stretches, I woke up Monday more sore than I had ever been before, and looked on the rest of the day ahead of me with a sleepy outlook. After a late night phone call from one of my friends, who had run an ultra only two days prior and wanted to share all the details, my planned good night’s sleep turned into a restless few hour nap. Can you say a need for caffeine and ibuprofen that morning? No thank you, I’d rather be grimacing each step I take and be half asleep through my classes. So yes please on the caffeine buzz, but I’ll pass on the ibuprofen. Truthfully, I don’t mind feeling sore all that much. It gives me a sense of accomplishment thinking that maybe, just maybe, I’m developing and strengthening muscles I haven’t used before. It just sucks to walk … sit down … go down or up stairs … or move my hips flexors in any way. Only to ass to my excitement, I remembered that since it was Monday, that meant we were going swimming. I’m sure that if my legs could disconnect from my body and run away, just the idea of a tough workout would’ve caused them to take off! After hours of being locked in the brick prison they call my highschool, I was rewarded with a clear, sunny day for my run. Alongside one of my friends, who was recovering from a slight ITB tear, we took it easy and used the run to catch up on each other’s lives, and enjoy the nice weather. The fact that it was sunny, was kind of a big huge deal where I live. I mean, c’mon, we Washingtonians pretty much worship any type of weather that isn’t overcast or rainy. While the short 3 mile was through, the swim took whatever ounces of energy I had left, and drowned it in the deep end of the YMCA’s lap pool. That night I managed to do my homework, eat, then crawl into bed. What an exhausting day!

Tuesday – Another groggy morning, but hey, I’m not quite a morning person. Once I wake up, I’m up. Sure, I understand that I’m not going to go back to sleep since I have a whole new day ahead of me, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to be nice because of the simple the fact that my schedule doesn’t include nap time after third period. The day passed by and I took un examen en espanol clase, learned about machines in physics, and simplified radicals in math. Talk about an interesting day! My run consisted of the glorious and revered workout … hill repeats. Gotta love training for track! I did feel pretty cool booking it up that gravel hill as people walked by and watched me though. It might or might not have made me show off a little bit. :-) After a total of 20, it started to rain and I was onto the next part of my day … Homework. A few hours later, as the clock struck 9:59, my eyelids decided that it was time to take a break. Only 3 days until the weekend!

See? This kid knows what's up. It's better to be a tree rather than in a starring role.

Wednesday – The school day flew by in my excitement for it to be 3 o’clock. Today I auditioned for the spring production put on by the drama club, The Somewhat True Tales of Robin Hood. After fake dying, playing the part of a jealous woman, and even omitting a scream or two, the auditions were over. Callbacks and the cast list were to be posted by the end of the week. Sure, I’d be fine even if I was cast as an extra, a tree perhaps … but I felt confident in my audition and hoped for the best. As the day came to close, it was time to squeeze in my run. I’ve never had to worry about running in the dark as my schedule allows me to run after school, but today I was cutting it close and heading out for a run around 4:30. After a 6 mile tempo run, I made it back to the school as lamp posts started to come on and people got into their rush hour state of mind. Not quite the mindset you want drivers to have as you run on the side of the road, with only a foot or less to keep you from turning into a runner-pancake.With this thought in mind, I made sure to push the pace and get back quickly.  A ritual core workout later (one that I do every single day) and I headed home and enjoyed the rest of my night trying to calculate horsepower for my physics class and taking notes on a movie for english, that I would later have to analyze for “underlying thematic elements” … Whatever that means. Too bad the movie I chose was a comedy and had absolutely no theme. I guess that’s why I was so nervous to write the darn thing… I would have to make most of it up …

Thursday – Finally! My favorite day of the week! It’s probably my favorite because it’s not everyone’s favorite, like Friday is, and yet it’s exciting because you know that the week is almost over. Either way, this was a Thursday that I was definitely NOT looking forward to. Passing through each class only to find that I have a paper and lab write-up due the next day. Ugh, sounds like a fun night ahead of me. By the time it got to 6th period, I was ready to sleep and forget all about the work that I had to do. Going to workout, I was mentally shot. My legs felt great and the weather wasn’t too bad, but I was grumpy. All I wanted to do was go home and do my homework. (Shocking, huh?) After a short 3 mile, which, by the way, did not give me mood-boosting endorphins like I had hoped; I got exactly what I wanted. With a cup of water and my Eric Hutchinson Pandora playing, I  locked myself in our office. Nearly 4 hours later, I was done. A math assignment, lab write-up, and film analysis done and tucked away in my binder, I was ready to escape the office. Sure, it was late and I was mentally drained, but man! It felt like a load was lifted off my shoulders. I was ready to celebrate my astounding feat! I needed my sleep, and since my brain was fried, that wasn’t a problem.

He's my new favorite. ♥

  TODAY! – Friday. How about renaming it, “The Perfect Day?” It really was one of the best days I’ve had in a while … and it’s still not over yet! My school had a half day for teacher training, meaning that classes were only a half-hour long. Not to mention that my physics class ate Ritz crackers and cheese while playing Mouse Trap all period … What? That doesn’t sound like work? Well, collecting cheese and building a trap for your fellow mice is quite a chore. ;-)

It's physics, my dear readers.

Every early out day that we have, I have a certain run that I do. It’s my favorite run that I like to save for special occasions, or half days! What is usually a 6 mile loop up to the local state park and on one of the trails, I added another mile and a half to end with a long run of 7.5 miles for the day. Finishing the workout so I could go home and finally be lazy, I did some strides and a strength routine involving waaaay too many lunges. Ugh, I’ll be feeling that in the morning! I ended up running (not literally!) into two of my good friends as I was leaving and ended up talking with them for a little bit. Once I got home, I made a yummy postrun meal of eggs and toast alongside a cup of iced coffee. Now, after a shower and a few chores, I’m writing this blog. Sure, you may not care about my super busy week and find it boring to read each and every thing that I did throughout the week, but hey! I just thought I’d share because this blog is (supposed) to be about my running … and I guess that sometimes running fits in just perfectly with everything else going on. Even though I’ve had no down time because of how much homework I’ve been getting, and extracurricular things … Running has kept me sane and helped take off some of the stress. Running is a free form of therapy, right? 

Well … my plans for today were to relax and so far, I’ve done just that. Now for a comfy blanket to snuggle up on the couch with and watch all of the shows I’ve recorded. I have an indoor track meet from last Sunday calling my name, so enjoy your weekend and if your life is as busy as mine has been lately … Just try to find time to relaaaaaaaax. Trust me, it’s a good thing. :-)

Until next time,



One thought on “Just relaaaaaaaaax.

  1. You exsausted me reading this..;) and confoundit i read it on a wednesday, now i have to wait untill friday to relax and after reading that relaxing sounds so good right now!! I really liked hearing about your week your a tough girl!
    love you,

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