The Wall.


Welcome to my room! Sure, the rest of my room actually follows an Audrey Hepburn/ black, cream, and dark red theme, but whatever … This is my running wall! It’s full of pictures, articles, quotes, posters, goals, exercises, and race memorabilia. A closer look at the rest of my room, much like an I-Spy puzzle, and you can spot other running related things that are threatening to take over my whole room.

So after using countless rolls of tape (there’s a joke in my family that if you can’t find the tape, that I probably stole it. I guess that I just love tape. So. Many. Uses.), the reason for this ever-growing wall? Quite simply, for motivation. Imagine if you had the word, “Happy” tattooed onto your forehead. Everytime you looked in the mirror or ever saw yourself, you’d be reminded to try to always be happy. See it enough times and it would motivate you to become a happier and positive person. Okay … maybe this isn’t the best way to explain how my wall motivates me, but hey, you get the point, right? Every morning when I wake up the first thing that I see, besides the snooze button on my phone, is my wall. When I put away laundry in my closet, I see all of the inspiring articles. When I go in my room for ANY reason … I see my wall. Here are a few things that I see …



This is Kara Goucher after she just recently made the U.S Olympic Marathon team by placing 3rd at the Trials. She’s also my favorite runner!

On my wall I like to put cool mantras or slogans. I saw this one of some team’s shirts at Seaside this year! Love it!


Okay, so I don’t have a video taped onto my wall (this isn’t Facebook people!), but Joe Newton certainly is on it. This is a clip from the movie The Long Green Mile about a season with his boys’ cross country team as they train to win yet another state title. It’s more of a documentary than a movie, but it’s great. You should Netflix it sometime. Anyway, Joe Newton is a legendary coach, great mentor and seems so supportive of others and especially his team. Because of all of this he is treated with the utmost respect by all who meet him and I mean, what? Are you going to be mean to him? He’ll definitely dish it back! If I had to make a list of my heroes, he would be on it. Not to mention that he has a pretty stylish beanie.



 This is Arnulfo Quimare. He is of the Tarahumara people who are also known as the Raramuri. They live in the canyon regions of northwestern Mexico and run insane/crazy/incredible long-distances. In order to communicate, hunt, and get around, they’ve created the tradition of running a 120 mile journey.  They run this all in one session and it takes them two days to complete … Oh and did I mention that they’re barefoot? Sometimes they wear thing, floppy sandals as well. Yeah, what do I think about how they live? … I’ll stick to driving cars and wearing normal shoes, thanks.


These are their sandals which are calles huaraches. Talk about mid-sole support and cushioning, huh? That has to be at least a good 1/4 inch of cushioning. Perfect.

  Well, for my stalkers out there, here’s a little look inside my room and a closer look at what I like to call The Wall. Some people think that as runners, we’re crazy to keep coming back and running day after day, and sometimes … I have to agree with those “normal” people. Not everyday is going to be your best, and that’s when you need a little more motivation to strap on your shoes and get out the door. Taping scraps of articles, random photos, and even cool shoe ads onto my closet doors is motivation enough for me and reminds me of what I love to do.


Until next time,





One thought on “The Wall.

  1. I love your wall, and even to “normal” people it is very inspiring, the first time i saw it its kinda hard to take in all these sucessful people and knowing that one day that’l be YOU advertising nike is incredible!! ;)
    Love you girl, i enjoyed learning about your wall!

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