Running with a side of cross-training, please.

Well … it’s Monday! Sure, Mondays aren’t fun after having a nine-day break off of school, but oh well. The fact that today is Monday means that: 1) winter conditioning is after school 2) I don’t get to sleep in and 3) we’re going swimming! Winter conditioning is an off-season practice that we have so we can get together and have people to run with. We meet three times a week and swim on one of the days along with weight-training. Did I mention that we go swimming? Oh, I guess I already did … It’s a highlight of my week, that’s all. We go to the YMCA and do lap swimming as well as underwater running … but that’s a whole other story!

After a relaxed three or so mile run, the group of us did an upper-arm workout. Seeing as it was our biggest group that had shown up to winter conditioning so far (a mighty group of six!) we had to crowd into the already packed weight room alongside the powerlifters. I don’t know if you know anything about powerlifters, but man are they intimidating. I’m not sure if it’s the fact that their arms are as wide as my thigh, that they can bench press several small children, or how they are so dedicated to their sport. Having your own squat belt and drinking protein daily? No thanks. I’ll stick to keeping my arms the twigs they are and am content with all the protein I get to come from peanut butter cookies and hamburgers. Not to mention that I enjoy looking like a girl … Sorry, but some of those woman body builders? Not so sure what sex they are sometimes. Horrible maybe, but true nonetheless.

You decide.

 So, back to my day. Once we found a spot to workout, we went through the list. The last part of the workout consisted of these horrible push-ups using a dumbbell. Uh, yeah. Talk about painful! Maybe it’s because I’ve been lazy lately and haven’t been to the weight room, but c’mon! I guess next time I’ll have to do more reps to get stronger … That or just start carrying around a purse at school. Talk about weight-lifting. Purse aren’t just to hold your necessities, some people’s are so heavy and studded with bling, they definitley could be used as a weapon for self defense.

Screw the YMCA. This is a true swimming pool. THIS is where the real swimming happens.

Once our run and weight-lifting were over, we headed off to the YMCA. Not everyone who ran was able to come swimming and
as we all piled into our Coach’s truck, I realized that it was a good thing. “Oh you want to come too? Sorry, no room. Either walk the 25 miles to get there or sit in the back. In the cold … windy … dark … and somewhat dangerous back. No biggie, your choice!” Once we got there , we speedily changed into our swimming gear and started with laps using a kickboard. When it comes to swimming, I’m always the slow one. That one person in the group who you think, “Oh, well. If a big shark comes along, at least they’ll be eaten first so at least I can get away.” Yeah, that’s me … usually. When it comes to kickboards? Yeah, I’m the one surviving this time, suckers. We did forward ones, then ones on our backs with the board above our heads. Each time I lapped Christian or Tyson they would cry out, “How do you do that?” as they struggled to stay afloat. Don’t get me wrong, I sink like a rock usually. I just (as I like to say) am somehow “aerodynamically made to glide through the water.” Sure, it might not be scientifically correct, but after my success in the
pool  and out on the roads … There might be a triathlon in my future. We’ll see.
Then there’s the little kids two lanes over. Maybe eight or nine at the oldest and man, can they swim. The only thing I don’t like about Mondays and swimming … is them.  I mean really?! You’re like an army of mini Michael Phelps! Look at you in your little swim cap and goggles, doing laps upon laps without once having to stop or complain that you’re sinking or are tired. Yes, I understand that this is swimming lessons for you, but the goal is to learn the basics, not set a world record and show up the rest of us who are trying to get a good workout in! Hmph. You say jealousy, I say … Yes. Yes, I am jealous of how good of swimmers they are. To think that I used to be that good back when I took swimming lessons when I was five or so. Too bad I can’t remember…
That’s all I have to say about my workout today. Running, weights, and swimming. The perfect balance of cross-training. When I get home it leaves me smelling of chlorine and ready to go to bed. Sure, you might say, “That’s a great workout! Sounds tough.” but no. No, it isn’t a tough workout. It’s one of those mini-hell-that-drains-your-body-and-leaves-you-exhausted-while-leaving-you-in-want-of-the-highest-calorie-meal-ever-deep fried-and-dipped-in-chocolate kind of workout. I’d say that’s a much better adjective than merely being tough.
Until next time,

One thought on “Running with a side of cross-training, please.

  1. As I am sitting here, drinking my wonderful cup of coffee after a spinning workout of my own feelin’ good..I read about your workouts and then i think to myself ” Ambi, put your tenis shoes back on and get back out there you got a ways to go to catch up to that girl!” Haha:)
    Sounds like an intence workout!! You did a great job of venting to us readers about your jealousy of small children with awesome swimming abilities;) Keep this up i love reading!!

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