World peace, the economy, and unicorns?

Sure, it’s an eye-catching title right? Believe it or not, but somehow … just somehow, they go together. Some people claim that going on a run can change the world. And sometimes, I might just have to agree. Being able to strap on a pair of shoes and be able to run wherever you are is definitely a plus side to running. Cruising out along the roads with only your thoughts is the best therapy anyone could ask for. You’re free to let go and relax. Whether you started the run angry, confused, sad, disappointed, or upset in any way… when you get back,  it’s gone. I have one certain run that I do on days that were either really good, or absolutely horrible. Its combination of savage hills, gorgeous views, and being able to run the whole thing without seeing anyone else helps me sort out my thoughts. See what I’m getting at? Forget sitting on your couch, wrapped up in your favorite sweats while crying into a pint of ice cream and trying to figure out why he dumped you, and try running! It’s not just a good escape, but also an adventure. I’m sure that if any of my runs were ever videotaped from beginning to end, that I’d have plenty of Web Redemption worthy situations. These situations range from belting out random songs made up on the spot, horrible jokes, almost eating it on the curbs, screaming like a little girl when having to run through a puddle, and of course … getting lost. Besides that, there’s always the random thoughts that pass through your head as you try to find ways to pass the time during the long, boring runs. For example, at the beginning of my run today my thoughts ranged from trying to name my cousin Bailey’s unicorn Pillow Pet, trying to figure out how long the run actually was!, figuring out what I was going to have for dinner, wondering why drivers give runners so little room on the road ( … almost flipped some guy off ), trying to avoid a snowball fight going on between two neighbors who lived across the street from each other, that the dog I just passed was probably too fat to follow me for very long, singing the same line of a song over and over (and forgetting the rest, so trying to make up the rest of it), repeating the list of Presidents from George Washington to Obama, why world leaders didn’t just take a chill pill and actually try to find some solution to the whole nuclear situation going on,  and about how a certain house I had passed smelled really good (probably from the dryer vent?). Sure, running with someone else will often bring up more interesting conversations, but running by myself I’m content to contemplate my next day’s outfit or whatever else just randomly decides to pop in my head. Through it all, each step and breath that I took, I’m not gonna lie …. It was horrible. Pretty painful and at one point, I thought about how much running sucked. That’s only normal though. Some say they run for the feeling they get afterwards, the “runner’s high.” Basically, it’s just a rush of endorphins that block your pain receptors. Sure, it’s one of the pretty great parts to running , but it ‘s not the reason why I call myself a “runner” and go out on a run everyday. I think what keeps me coming back, even with all the pain that comes with it and frustrating moments … is that last part of the run. That last little part where all you can think about is wanting to be done. For me, that’s the part of the run that distinguishes you from the non-runners and makes you stand out among the crowd. It’s that last part that shows what you’re made of and really shows how you’ve improved. Even though my legs were hating the last brutal hills that I submitted them through after already running 7 miles, I found that it’s in these last gruesome wonderful moments, that I can conquer the world. When the fun has worn off, and it hurts, do you reach inside and find what truly matters. So, if you are looking for some good advice or a different perspective, just head out the door for a run and I guarantee you’ll find it… And if you don’t want to do that, well … I suppose it’s not for everyone is it? Ben & Jerry are just as good of therapists as any long run.

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