Snowshoeing. Just one more activity to cross off my bucket list.

Yes. Yes, you read the title correctly. I did in fact say snowshoeing. And of course the first thing that popped into your head was an old guy trudging through a blizzard with a beanie on and a pair of tennis rackets tied to his feet, right? Okay, well that’s what the first thing I thought of was when I got a call from my Coach asking if I was interested in snowshoeing with him. My answer was automatically, “Snowshoeing!? People actually still do that? Sure, I’m in.” And my fate was sealed. He would be at my house in an hour and half and he told me to dress warm and wear boots. If only I knew what I had coming …

My lovely snowshoes. Sorry, they were out of those nifty tennis racket looking ones.

This blog is more of a story that needs to be told through pictures. It involves: snow, snowshoes, trekking uphill, sketchy trails, the beauty of nature, and a burning sensation felt throughout my whole lower body as I attempted to finish what we began. As we were climbing the last hill back to my house, from where we first started our loop a mere 2 hours ago, I realized that as good of a workout and as much fun I had with my Coach … Snowshoeing versus running? Definitely going to choose to go running.  Here’s a glimpse at our journey …

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4 miles in 2 hours. I’d say that’s a pretty steady 30 minute per mile pace. Not to mention that people actually find ways to run in these bulky things … Oh well! My first experience snowshoeing was challenging, tiring, hard, demanding, trying, tough …  frusturating. At the same time it was also exciting, new, fun, different, beautiful, inspiring, and COLD! I can now check snowshoeing off of my ever-growing bucket list and continue on my quest to enjoy being outside in the winter weather as it comes.

Until next time,



2 thoughts on “Snowshoeing. Just one more activity to cross off my bucket list.

  1. Ah, wonderful story! That sounds like such an exciting adventure!! I’ll have to find my tenis rackets and come join, it acually looks quite physically demanding holy cow up the hills and through the untouched snow and brush, YOU GO GIRL!! I really enjoy reading these keep it up!
    Love you, ambi.

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